Breathable Dog Harness

Dog Dude Innovative Breathable Dog Harness and Cooling vest is an everyday lightweight, quick-fit, quick-dry, and no-pull dog harness. That is easy to don and doff and comfortable for dogs to wear. This creative design is available in four different colors and has many additional features. Whether you want to run or jog with your dog or need a bike ride or a long walk with your pet, this multipurpose dog harness serves you very well. We have added extra hardware (like side D-rings), a Quick control handle on the top, and multiple reflective stripes to make it more convenient to handle your dog even in the dark.
Breathable Air-Mesh Dog Harness is a three-layers fabricated, durable, safe, and soft padded overhead dog harness for running, walking and biking with your best friend. Air-mesh works as a ventilator and keeps your dog cool, and the sponge layer works as a cushion that can spread the dog’s weight and pull pressure across the chest when the dog is in a full range of motion while walking or running. So we can say it is a lightweight, soft, quick fit, breathable dog harness with a no-pull feature that prevents your dog from hanging and choking. Moreover, adjustable Grip Locks will fit your dog perfectly as well as prevent hanging and choking.

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