A decade ago, as dog owners, we always had difficulty discovering a durable dog harness for our Labrador and German shepherd. Our love for dogs motivated us to develop them ourselves. And, finally, we were able to produce a prototype. After a successful trial, we initially introduced it to our family and friends who have a canine and facing the same problem. After great feedback, our entrepreneurial skill is awake, and we have decided to launch it commercially. As a startup, we supply our products on demand. Then we realize the lack of quality dog harnesses in the market. Then we gradually start wholesale in the UK and Europe and try to fill that gap. Now we are the fastest-growing e-commerce store with a thousand satisfied customers. Our entire range of all products is unique with some extra safety features and sensibly priced. Hence the DogDude journey begins.

Our Company

Dog & Dude® UK LTD. is a UK-based company that has been in the Dog Harness, Apparel, and Dog gear business science last 10 years. Before selling online, we are a known supplier of Dog Gears in the UK, Europe, and around the globe. We specialized in Tactical Dog Harnesses, Working Dog Harness, Guiding Dog Harness, Dog Apparel, and other Dog Accessories intended to complement all dogs. Our Dog gears are arched for superb comfort, result in fantastic owner and pet satisfaction.

Our Vision

As we set out to make this vision in reality, we never stopped improving our products and techniques. We are fully committed to winning customer satisfaction by fulfilling their requirements accurately. That is why today’s dog Dude is known not only for our record customer satisfaction but for our honest commitment to product quality and business ethics. We are a privileged manufacturer and supplying fineness dog gear at competitive prices to customers and suppliers.

Our Product

Dog & Dude® UK LTD. Designed products shaped on the principle of “developing dog gears that are build to Fit Your Pet, to your specifications, and able to endure the demanding rough life your pet lives.”
Our production team produced successfully fantastic products that will defiantly boost the relationship between any dog and its owner. We consider minute details while producing each product and, it will make the dogs’ life calmer and the owners’ life cool.

Our products are manufacture with an extreme focus on details and perfection. Our materials are source from the worlds’ known suppliers. Products designed by DogDude are field-tested and constructed for the greatest strength, durability, and usage with the safety and comfort of your canine in mind.

If a Harness furnished and every last feature is not perfect, we will not send it for selling until we get 100% perfection. Because we believe our customers do not pay us for the substandard quality, we are not selling something out that we are not proud of.
Our unique customize patches allow for personalizing each harness with dog names, favorite quotes, advice, number, address, identification, or warnings.

Our Mission

D e l i v e r i n g    P e t    H a p p i n e s s​


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Our harnesses come in a range of sizes, styles, and colors, and are designed to protect the sensitive areas of your pet during any level of activity. Our materials are sourced from world’s known suppliers.

Our base offices in London, is conveniently located for support within the UK, EU and customers around the world. We connect to you personally– ensuring that all of your needs are satisfied.

DogDude offers unparalleled support and service. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our Products, simply e-mail us at [email protected] and we will defiantly get back to you positively.


Myra Hudson