Dog Harness expresses your pooch personage. You can keep your dog things in perfect condition by following easy instructions. If you want to see your dog looking fresh, you can make it by regularly cleaning his gears.

1. Dogs become muddy, so do their gears too. All DogDude Design Harnesses are washable in a washing machine on the gentle cycle.

2. Before wash, put the Harness in a pillow cover or similar thing and wash in a gentle cycle.

3. After washing, hang it in the air and avoid direct sunlight.

4. Wipe Your Dog’s Harness and Leash Periodically. 

5. Please, assure the Harness is entirely dry before using again. 

6. You can also use a hoover to extract dirt and hairs for quick cleaning. 

7. It is essential to inspect dog gears every time before and after cleaning and before using. 

8. If you find chewed webbing, stitching breakage, or any other damage, do not use it.

9. Store your dog gears in a safe and clean place.

10. We recommend you always have a spare harness in case of any misshape.